Dancing between Worlds —

Shamans of Seoul


In late April of 2018, a group of twenty shamans gather around the great manshin Kim Gae-Soon in Yangjiu, a small town north of Seoul, to perform a three-day ritual that has not been witnessed in over fourty years. The so-called Mankudaetak-kut originated in North Korea’s Hwanghae-do province, a region renowned for its psychic power and vibrant practice.

Kim Gae-Soon’s shaman mother fled Hwanghae-do during the Korean War and passed away during her last attempt at performing this physically and physcically vexing ritual. Today, Kim Gae-Soon is the sole bearer of this intangible cultural heritage.
Kim Gae-Soon is sixtyfive years old and lives near Seoul, South 


Dancing between worlds —
Seoul Shamans 
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