Silkroad Mountain Race –

Tracking extreme cyclists across Kyrgyzstan

Scratch Wagon
During the inaugural SRMR in 2018, the races was organized around control cars that serve the purpose of race documentary and safety. Officially named CC2, our UAZ Buhanka would later find a place in our hearts as ‘Scratch Wagon’. As race co-organizer Jeff prophesized during the beginning of our journey in Bishkek: “I’m sure this van’s name will reveal itself in time..” — and it did: At the end of the race, we counted the highest pick up and rescue rate of scratchers as well as most detours taken. A thank you to the riders that made this first race so memorable, the terrains that broke them (and us) and the many Kyrgyz that extended their helping hands and hearts. For more race information please visit:

Silkroadmountainrace – 2018
The Silkroadmountainrace is a self-supported bikepacking race held in Kyrgyzstan between August and September. There are no service cars, no cheering crowds and hardly any paved roads along the whopping 1.700 kilometer route spanning across this landlocked country. Kyrgyzstan remains largely uninhabited and within vast stretches, it will take days before you encounter another human – instead, its raw wilderness will welcome you with a resounding call to adventure but ask something in return: physical and mental limits in all shapes and forms (an elevation gain of 26.000 meters will make sure to help with that). Riding the SRMR is like plunging into Kyrgyzstan’s soul, being absorbing you into humility and awe.

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