Modern Shaman —

Kim Juh-Young

Juh-Young is a shaman living in Seoul, South Korea. At age 31 he is struggling for recognition, financial stability and a life that is free from stifling social constraints where success, looks and the pressure to conform have pushed Juh-Young into a sub-class that is often treated with prejudice and disdain. Excelling to both, the artistic and psychic aspects of the trade, Juh-Young‘s dream is to one day earn the highly prestigious title of ‘intangible cultural heritage’, to move to Vienna, where they make his favorite drink – Einspanner, and perhaps to find love and a sense of freedom.

This long term project began in 2017 and is an ongoing documentary project shedding light on a very unique and ‘other’ Korea – one rooted in ancient tradition, far removed from the glitz of K-Pop, tech and where tradition remains vitally intact.

Modern Shaman —

All images copyright of Guan Nan Li