My name is Guannan Li and I am a photojournalist and documentarian based in Berlin, Germany. I have spent most of my life between Germany and China and I speak German, English and Mandarin. From 2010 until 2019, I was based in Shanghai where I worked as a researcher, creative and photographer. I am interested in stories that show the many ways in which people make sense of this world; this could be a long-term coming of age story about a hobbyhorsing teenager, or an adventure assignment on cyclists racing through the Kyrgyz wilderness. I like exploring introspection, solitude, otherness as well as anything that is considered obscure and overlooked. 
The words of the late John O’Donohue resonate here: “It’s strange to be here, the mystery never leaves you.”

Currently I am working on a story about Indian ‘Rasperry-visa’ children in Portugal and Germany’s obsesseion with the Wild West. Format and length may vary but the reportage is close to my heart.
As is the call of a good meal in a distant place.
I like music, horror films, books (this includes horror books) and cooking for people.

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