Cortegaça by the Sea
Fishermen and coastal decline in Portugal

Cortegaça by the Sea
Is an ongoing project about a group of fishermen living and working in Cortegaça, Portugal. Their lives and work center around and in the ocean and they are amongst the first to feel the devastating effect of climate change in the form of habitat abd income loss. 

Cortegaça is a sleepy town just south of Porto. Here, you’ll meet local surfers, day-trippers or a friendly neighbor drinking their afternoon Fino. The houses are manicured and well kept, life here is simple but good but not for everyone – fishermen have long been congregating and forming informal housing strucutres, so-called ‘fishermen shelters’. Portugal is a nation that is amongst the most impacted by climate change, it’s coast declining and eroding faster than anywhere else in Europe. 

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